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   Boomerang is the story of Diane and Jeff, college sweethearts who married, divorced and run into each other after being apart for over eight years.  Jeff, a police detective learns that Diane is a person of interest in a murder investigation and decides to help her clear her name.  Both Jeff and Diane are about to be married to other people, but neither can deny the chemistry that still exists. As Jeff gets closer to solving the murder, Diane's life is in jeopardy. Jeff must decide whether to tell Diane he still loves her, or move on with his life, after saving her.                                                              


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   In Contradictions, we meet Yvette and Michael.  Yvette has been estranged from her family every since her ex broke off their engagement.  Her mom and dad practically ignored her while she was growing up and yet the love and affection from her mom is the one thing she wants most.  Out of the blue, her mom starts calling her and so does her ex.  He wants to get back together and her mom wants to see her.  Yvette is thrilled.  She takes Michael with her.  Michael discovers that her family are not what they seem and both he and Yvette end up fleeing for their lives.  Michael falls for Yvette, but his love leads to him doing, what he thinks is unforgiveable. Can Yvette forgive him? Will she return to her ex? How can these two untrusting opposites overcome their insecurities and learn to love, again?

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Nikki Riley is doing great. She is engaged to one of the most successful men in Tyler, Texas, she enjoys her career and life couldn't get any better, or so she thinks. 

Her world begins to unravel when one of the patients, at the long-term care facility she manages, dies unexpectedly. He is the grandfather of her former lover, the only man she ever gave her heart to, Kenneth Jackson. Kenneth and his brothers are furious and they demand that a full investigation be done. But even in his anger, he is still attracted to Nikki, and the feelings are mutual. Will a one-night hook-up lead to more?


Secrets begin to come to light as Nikki finds herself a person of interest, learns that her mother is hiding things and that Kenneth's life in Dallas may be impacting her simple life in Tyler.

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Just Sex? - Early 2023

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   Sage first appears in  Contradictions.  Now she gets her own story in Book II of the Girlfriend Series, Just Sex.  Sage Tyler is the cute, sassy ADA that enjoys life, friends and men.  She has no desire to have a relationship, but is always open to a little fun.  She meets David, while on a girls trip to Las Vegas.  David, like Sage, is looking for sex - no strings.  Neither of them planned on a relationship, murder or love.  Yet, they find themselves involved in all three.  Enjoy getting to know Sage and David as they discover that sometimes sex, alone, isn't enough.

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